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Hi ,
I'm Bart Eelbode, running coach of Ladies Runningcenter, a jogging club for ladies from Bruges, Belgium. We’ve just celebrated our 15th anniversary, and I'm writing to you on behalf of our committee. 

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If we had to describe our jogging club in a nutshell, then the following approximates what we're about:
If you run,
you are a runner.
It doesn’t matter
how fast or how far.
It doesn’t matter if today
is your first day or if you’ve
been running for twenty years.
There is no test to pass,
no license to earn,
no membership card to get.
You just run.
                John Bingham
The reason why I'm writing to you is that we're looking for a recreational jogging club for ladies in England (not too far inland) to organise an exchange with.  The idea would be that a group of you would first visit us here in Bruges.  We would take care of your accommodation while you're here (staying with our ladies for one/two nights, visiting Bruges, maybe joining us in a joint jogging session/jogging event, ...) Everything would be taken care of for you.  The only thing you'd need to organise would be your transport here and back.

These are still very vague plans at the moment.  I haven't advertised this to the ladies yet, but the committee is all up for it.

The big question is: would you like to take us up on our (genuine) offer?

Kind regards,
Bart Eelbode, coach (only man in the club!)
Hilde Schotte, Chairperson
P.S. For more photos, please visit http://ladiesrunningcenter.skynetblogs.be/

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credo Ladies Runningcenter

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